Advanced discord egg hatching bot with tons of features and content.

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What is Hatchverse?

Hatchverse is a unique, feature rich, discord egg hatching bot. We have tons of features ranging from perks, boosts, and leaderboards. The more pets you get the faster you progress. The objective of Hatchverse is to collect the best pets and become #1! We have tons of more features planned such us trading, pet levels, achievements, quests, etc.

How do I start?

Join or invite Hatchverse to a server. When you begin you will start with 1 egg named the "Beginner Egg". To open this egg use the ()open Beginner Egg command. You just hatched your first pet! To equip this pet use ()equip (petName) and then reply with a number listed in the embed. When you equip this pet your coin and multiplier increase based on the pets stats. To gain more coins you open eggs, and for gems you hatch legendaries. To purchase eggs/boosts/perks use the ()shop command.